2,000 Security Tag for Jewelry, Tamper-Evident. Blank/ Non Printed.

2,000 Security Tag for Jewelry, Tamper-Evident. Blank/ Non Printed.

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Jewelry Security Tags

When identifying precious items, there are many tags that can do the job. However those tags can easily be removed or replaced without track of tampering. Our innovative security jewelry tags however, do show proof if tampering is attempted; while at the same time provide all the standard features of regular tags of a smooth white surface for convenient labeling of price, material, style or other information. The small size is inconspicuous so as not to overwhelm your attractive jewelry. An elegant holographic strip comes together, allowing you to attach the tag by wrapping it around.


With the help of these easy-to-use tags, your system of organization is as sparkling as your jewelry and the labels cannot be removed without evidence of tampering.

Our Jewelry tags are a great tool to control or cancel products returns and warranties. It is a unique solution with customizable features to support design, branding and security objectives at a very low cost.

This Jewelry Security tags can be custom printed for any specific application with Text, Logo, Numbers and/or Consecutive Bar codes with scratch and chemical resistance.

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