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Brand Protection for every type of industry

Counterfeiting is a bigger problem every day that goes by in today's world. Therefore, looking after the reliability on originality and warranties of your products requires outsmarting the counterfeiting. Prevent it and combat it with our variety of solutions, because nothing damages your brand and bottom line more than unfettered knock-offs flooding the market.

With Intertronix, you get the best and most innovative technology solutions.  We can customize and develop security solutions for your brands needs giving you the peace of mind of protecting your brand’s promise of quality.

We strive for the best results four our customers, and warranty our products. Delivering only high quality tamper evident security solutions developed in accordance with the different industries needs, and making sure that our tamper proof solutions are dedicated to the details to keep your brand safe.

*Fashion /Apparel
*Auto Industrial
*Consumer Goods

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