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Intertronix TamperVoidPro

*Tamper Evident

*Self Voiding

*Cannot be resealed 


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**Introducing TamperVoidPro®: Unparalleled Tamper-Evident Security Solutions**

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable assets, confidential information, or precision calibration equipment, trust no other than TamperVoidPro® – the pinnacle of tamper-evident technology. Crafted from resilient, top-grade polyester, our TamperVoidPro® labels offer unrivaled performance, ensuring that your security measures are second to none.

**Tamper Detection at Its Finest**

Our TamperVoidPro® labels are specifically engineered to excel in the detection of tampering attempts. When applied to objects that require the utmost protection, they instantly become a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. Attempting to remove the label triggers a powerful response – a clear "VOID" message or a distinctive checkerboard pattern is imprinted on the surface. This unmistakable sign of tampering will leave no room for doubt, giving you peace of mind that your assets remain secure.

**Universal Tamper-Resistance**

What sets TamperVoidPro® apart is its versatility. It doesn't discriminate between porous and non-porous surfaces; it works like a charm on both. Whether you need to protect sensitive documents, high-value items, or critical equipment, rest assured that TamperVoidPro® will rise to the occasion, delivering consistent tamper-evident performance across a wide range of materials and surfaces.

**Customized Security Solutions**

At TamperVoidPro®, we understand that every security challenge is unique. That's why we offer a diverse selection of colors and thicknesses for our labels, allowing you to tailor your security solutions to your specific needs. Whether you require a subtle, inconspicuous label or a bold, attention-grabbing one, TamperVoidPro® has you covered. Our assortment of options ensures that you can seamlessly integrate our tamper-evident technology into various applications, from confidential file storage to high-security storage facilities.

In conclusion, when it comes to safeguarding what matters most, TamperVoidPro® is your ultimate ally. With its unbeatable tamper detection capabilities, universal applicability, and customizable options, you can trust TamperVoidPro® to provide the security solutions you need. Don't leave the protection of your valuables, confidential information, or calibration equipment to chance – choose TamperVoidPro® and experience peace of mind like never before.


Key Label Features:

      1. Reliable Performance: Our labels deliver consistent, dependable results.

      2. Silver Finishes: Choose from Bright Silver or Matte Silver for a stylish look.

      3. Versatile Bend: Perfect for precise 90-degree bends for a seamless fit.

      4. Asset Nameplate: Ideal for easy and efficient identification.

      5. Hand-Writable: Personalize with permanent pen ink for a personal touch.

      6. Indoor/Outdoor Use: Built to endure various environments.

      7. Customizable: Add numbers or specific details to meet your unique needs.

      8. Durable Polyester: Made from robust .001 thickness polyester for longevity.

      9. Resilient Folding: Designed to withstand folding without damage.

      10. Easy Application: Adhere seamlessly for tamper resistance and security.

      11. Universal Adhesion: Bonds securely to almost any surface.

      12. High-Quality Material: Crafted from sturdy materials for rigorous usage.

      13. Certified Compliance: Compliant with UL and CSA International certifications.

      14. Security Feature: Reveals a distinctive "VOID" pattern when tampered with.

      15. Wide Temperature Range: Withstands extreme temperatures from -40°F to +250°F.

Common Uses:

      1. Laptops: Enhance identification and aesthetics.

      2. Computer Cases: Add functionality and elegance to enclosures.

      3. Mobile Devices: Blend aesthetics with practicality.

      4. Pharmaceutical Industry: Facilitate organization and compliance.

      5. Medical Equipment: Ensure efficient functioning and traceability.

      6. Optical Media: Enhance visual appeal and information dissemination.

      7. Entertainment/Gaming: Add distinction to casino equipment and gaming devices.

      8. Electronics: Versatile application in a myriad of electronic devices.

      9. ATM Machines: Serve as guardians of security and identification.

      10. Laboratory Instruments: Ensure precise identification and tracking.

      11. Shipping/Logistics: Facilitate efficient tracking and management.

      12. Aviation: Safeguard aircraft hatches for security and identification.

      13. Military Equipment: Enhance operational efficiency and security.

      14. Communications Systems: Aid in seamless functionality and tracking.

      15. Legal Documents: Add professionalism and security to legal documents.

      16. File Cabinets: Optimize organizational prowess.

      17. Asset Identification: Streamline and enhance asset management.