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*Tamper Evident

*Self Voiding

*Cannot be resealed



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Introducing TamperMax® – the ultimate choice for security hologram labels, seals and stickers. Our revolutionary design incorporates a multitude of security features that redefine the standards of protection for your valuable products and assets.

At the core of TamperMax® lies a state-of-the-art high-security hologram. This holographic seal is engineered with precision to provide an unparalleled level of security. When tampered with or removed, the hologram bears a distinctive "VOID" break pattern that serves as an unmistakable indicator of any unauthorized access or tampering. This visual cue acts as an immediate deterrent, ensuring that your products remain safe and untouched.

But that's just the beginning of what TamperMax® offers. Our commitment to innovation has led us to integrate a range of other advanced security features into our design. What sets our Hologram Stickers apart is their versatility. Typically applied on top of a generic hologram featuring essential words such as "Genuine," "Authentic," "Certified," "Valid," and "Secure," these stickers can be customized with your company's unique logos and serial numbers. These features work seamlessly together to fortify your product's defense against counterfeiters and unauthorized access. With TamperMax®, you can rest assured that your assets are protected by cutting-edge technology and a dedication to your peace of mind. This plus the additional customization options makes the perfect combination of security and branding.

Beyond the "VOID" hologram pattern, TamperMax® employs a combination of covert and overt security elements, making it one of the most comprehensive solutions available. Additionally, our labels can have UV ink added, as a covert security element that are nearly invisible to the naked eye but can be easily verified using specialized tools. This multi-layered approach to security ensures that your products remain protected, your brand integrity remains intact, and your customers can purchase with confidence.

TamperMax® is not just a security label or hologram seal sticker – it's a complete security solution designed to safeguard your assets and reputation. Choose TamperMax® for a comprehensive, unique, and highly effective security solution that goes above and beyond the surface, offering you the peace of mind you deserve in an ever-evolving world of security threats.