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Government security

We raise ID cards security standard by using our holographic technology that provides authentication and prevents forgery thanks to security features such as 3d imaging and Nano embossing. RFID technology can be added not only for trustworthiness purpose, but also as a tool that will allow for the ID it to carry important data not necessarily visible to the necked eye, and easily traceable in large scale.

RFID technology can also be advisable for Government Vehicle Identification purposes.

Another solution for Vehicle Identification can be Tamper Evident labels. Our customization capabilities can turn a simple security label into a very convenient and affordable security solution. Imprinting the label with data such as serial numbers and barcodes of any kind, the labels start carrying a large amount of data that is unique to its application.

Our tamper evident solutions are adequate to address other government security issues from Police Evidence handling to Aeronautic Security Seals. We carry a large variety of films and adhesives that can accommodate different applications; from our non-reside labels solution, to our industrial security labels solution. Reacting different not only to surfaces, but also to temperatures.

Intertronix Tamper evident labels with pen writing capabilities are also ideal for Elections quality and security control, as well as in house mail control with contents such as sensitive information.

We continuously develop solutions to resolve applications and security issues. Combination of new technologies arises every day. Asks us how can we assist to resolve your security issues. We are eager to resolve challenges for every different scenario.

Intertronix commitment to high quality standards in our products, together with the continuous strive to please our customers and protect their confidentiality, continues to put us above the competition.

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