Collection: Tamper Evident Labels - Hologram Security Labels - Custom Print

TamperMax, Custom Print: Tier Pricing Reference Chart.


Intertronix’s custom Hologram sticker is usually printed on top of a generic hologram made out of a wording pattern that carries the words: Genuine, Authentic, Certified, Valid, Secure A Custom Hologram Sticker is a hologram that can carry customer’s information such as logos and number by simply printing it on top of the generic hologram, making it quite convenient and versatile. It can carry one ink or a combination of inks to make the custom hologram stand out. Custom Hologram stickers can be an extension to the products corporate image as well as a security feature or a brand protection measurement. A custom hologram sticker is an affordable and reliable way to seal products surfaces that are not intended to be open or which you want to know if someone has open or attempted to tamper with it.