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5,000 Semi Destructible Security Label with Holographic Stripe 2" x 1" (51mm x 25mm)

5,000 Semi Destructible Security Label with Holographic Stripe 2" x 1" (51mm x 25mm)

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Intertronix Holo-Strip® security labels offer a cost-effective solution for those in need of high-quality, fully synthetic tamper-evident labels that merge functionality with robustness. These labels are crafted for simplicity and high security, avoiding the complexities and high costs often associated with other security labels. Designed to mimic the tearability of paper, they are easy to break apart, yet they maintain a strong adhesive grip on a variety of surfaces. Each label is enhanced with an overlaminated layer that shields the underlying printed text from damage, and features an intricate banknote-style background with a holographic strip to boost visual security.

Moreover, these labels are built to resist scratches and feature internal security cuts that deter and complicate unauthorized removal or tampering efforts. Customers have the flexibility to order partial customization for as few as 250 labels or can opt for extensive customization for orders exceeding 30,000 labels.

These labels meet FDA standards for indirect food contact as specified in 21 CFR 175.105, confirming their safety for use in scenarios where they might indirectly interact with food items.

The recommended surfaces for applying these labels include:

- Glass
- Metal
- Various plastics, both soft and hard
- Corrugated boxes and plastic wrappings
- Envelopes and assorted paper types
- A variety of both durable and non-durable goods

Although these labels are designed to resist moisture, their optimal performance is achieved in indoor settings. The versatility and comprehensive feature set of the Intertronix Holo-Strip® labels make them an exceptional choice for a wide array of uses, effectively safeguarding products from tampering and unauthorized access. Whether for logistical, retail, or personal security needs, these labels provide dependable protection where it matters most.

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